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We provide full-service IT support to small businesses, covering everything from cybersecurity, VoIP business telephones, Microsoft 365, backup and disaster recovery, websites, and more! Let our team at McManus IT provide you with the best IT solutions to increase your profitability and allow you to focus on growing your business.

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We help you truly fix, not band-aid fix, all of your IT problems and more.

We hear all the time from business owners that say they feel like the technology at their office is held together with band-aids.  The technicians slap a band aid on the problem rather than diving deep into what is causing the underlying issues.

We provide quality, local, personal service.  Not everything can be solved remotely.  Sometimes you need to talk to a competent human being.

We’re here to take care of all of your technology headaches, so you can focus on what you do best.

Learn more about our full range of proactive Managed IT Services by scheduling a complimentary no-obligation assessment of your IT: call us at (315) 210-8798 or send an email to

Meet the Team

Kieran McManus has worked in the technology field for over a decade. From small nonprofits to large tech companies in Manhattan, he has a wide range of experience and expertise. Equally knowledgeable of IT and outstanding customer service, you are in excellent hands. Kieran is a dedicated husband and father. He is also a big fan of scotch, cigars, and Ron Swanson.